Storism for Chief Technical Officers (CTOs)

Giving you the vision to adapt, reduce risk and lower costs


Systems change over time, what once was solving the Business Need now needs replacing, upgrading or decommissioning. Departments are procuring their own platforms to meet a discrete need but is now creating data that already exists elsewhere, now you have many systems with the same data. Data Silos are causing headaches. 

You see the opportunities for Digital Transformation or Productising your Data into new Services, but you are prohibited from streamlining your processes.


Cost and risk spiral out of control as there is no one place to see what systems are working with what data. A relatively simply change has a knock on effect with a procured system that only a handful of people knew about. Time is spent fixing issues rather than moving forward. GDPR continues to be a headache as keeping track is becoming increasingly complex.

Complex tools which can ingest your existing data take up too much time, resource and effort. They are also not helping you thinking strategically about your data, just making it easier to keep it in a non-optimised state.



Storism can help build a clear view of which systems are connected and what data they are using. Easily see the connections and highlight areas affected by changes. Allow others to make use of existing Data rather than adding in additional systems, and complexity.

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